MANCREDIBLE = An incredible man

There`s a reason why you are here. Even though I may not know you personally, I know what it is.

You are dissatisfied. You are unfulfilled. You are searching. Searching for something more. Something that will give your life more meaning, contentment, joy, and happiness.

You want a six-figure income. You want the hottest woman in the room. You want unlimited confidence. You want to live the life you want on your terms. You want to become the man who everyone looks up to as a leader, a role model, a beacon of hope in an otherwise hopeless world.

Our Mission

Here at MANCREDIBLE, our mission is to help men end their excuses, take charge of their lives, and instill in them the confidence to go from AVERAGE to AMAZING. From middle-of-the-road to MANCREDIBLE!


I`m Michael Bosman. I`m the founder of MANCREDIBLE, an entrepreneur, men`s coach, and self-confessed self-improvement junkie. I have dedicated my life to becoming the best possible version of myself and to help other men achieve the exact same goal.

Let me tell you a little about how I got here and why I started MANCREDIBLE.

My story


As a young man, I prided myself in doing the unconventional. I have avoided the regular 9-5 job my whole life. I have lived, and am currently living, in a foreign country. I have worked over 30 different jobs and have experience in countless industries. And, I live a fairly minimalist life.

But, I have also had the same struggles that every young and middle aged-man has had. I have been rejected by women countless times, been broke and even homeless, and have been fired unceremoniously from several jobs. Any problem or issue you could name, I have probably suffered it and have come out the other side.

I have also yearned for a different life. A life few experience and one where I can look back at the end of it all and think `Wow! What a life!`

But, one thing stopped me from achieving that.


I didn`t realise this until my late 30`s.

For nearly a decade I worked for a small company in Osaka, Japan. I had my ups and downs with the job, managing to make ends meet and have plenty left over for other interests. Then, one day came the news. The owner closed the business.

I was out of work. AGAIN. 

Facing unemployment near the beginning of your mid-life is scary.

What do I do now? Who`s going to employ me? Am I too far over the hill?

With another monotonous round of job interviews in my immediate future, I came to a crossroads in my life: I could continue working the way I have been, or, I could grab hold of my nuts and take my life in my own hands and go in the other direction. Into the unknown.

I chose the latter.

My life has never been the same.

I bought the company that I had previously worked at and have turned it into a profitable business with minimal overheads.

I used this momentum to overhaul my entire lifestyle.

I became an early riser (5:30 a.m.), I began meditating, began journaling, scheduled out my weeks and months, exercised 5-6 times a week without fail, and began sleeping 7 hours a night minimum. I also quit drinking, going out excessively, and other toxic habits that were detrimental to my success.

The results have been extraordinary. Not only do I have more money and income than I ever have, but I get more done in a week than I have in whole years past. I also find time to pursue new hobbies and interests, which include, but are not limited to, reading, drawing, exercise, hiking, travelling, guitar, and learning.

This is not to say I haven`t had my failures along the way.

I have made countless errors, had my faith tested, and have even lost lots of money on my adventure. But, these are all part of the process and with every misstep I learn to correct and take the next step toward the best version of myself.

I have learnt plenty of lessons along the way, but if I could narrow all of that experience into one thing at the core of my success, it is this: IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU

So, my friend, are you willing to start? Are you ready to become the man you`ve always wanted to be?


Take control of your life and end your excuses

Find the woman of your dreams, or, have the dating life that you imagined about

Create the amount of wealth that you want

Build a life and a legacy worth remembering

Start the business/career that you have always dreamed of

Become the strong father figure in your family

Live with confidence and power and handle any situation

I`ll be your wingman in life, guiding you toward the life of your dreams. However, be warned: This process takes real work, responsibility, and patience. In life there are no guarantees and no one owes you anything. But, if you are ready to take the leap, join me in becoming MANCREDIBLE!